Welcome to LegalSifter! You can login for the first time with this guide or video tutorial below:

Starting from the www.legalsifter.com homepage, you can access the Login page through the Login button at the top right.

🔖Tip: Access this Login with the button below + Bookmark https://app.legalsifter.com for future use!

This should bring you to the Login where you enter your email and password details:

Once you log in to the Home page, you will see 2 main sections. On the left will be your most recently sifted documents that you may open from this page by clicking. 

On your right will be a scrolling list of Announcements with updates to LegalSifter organized by the most recent dates.

You may sift a document from Home directly by clicking the SIFT DOCUMENT button.

Contacting us:

If you need to contact us about LegalSifter, you can do so with the menu shortcuts on the Home page.

In the top right corner of the menu, select the purple❓to access shortcuts to the Help Center, Sifter Library and Sifter Trainer pages:

Watch the video tutorial to see all these steps in action:

You're done! Now that you are set up, you may move on to sifting our very first document:
Sift New Documents

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