1. Sifters added to LegalSifter and ContractSifter:

  • Gratuities

  • Hotel: Master Account

  • Hotel: Preparing Extra Food and Beverage

  • Hotel: Rate Extended Beyond Event Dates

  • Hotel: Room Audit

  • Hotel: Room Review

  • Indemnification: Fraud Carveout

 2. Sifters were improved via Sifter Trainer and Sifter Factory

 3. Redo (Shift-Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y) hot keys are now enabled

 4. 15 days after a user deletes a document (moves to Trash and deletes it from trash), the contract files are all permanently excised from the LegalSifter database. All that remains is the file name in the Document record for reporting.

  • Each org has a setting to “Retain Deleted Documents” if they never want deleted documents purged

 5. Sifter Settings Admin users can no longer Remove the last document type in an org. Every org must have at least one document type.

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