We will roll out a series of editing and formatting features over the next few weeks, typically on Wednesdays. Online training videos will be posted on this help site.

 1. You will now see the following changes in LegalSifter:

  • You can make edits directly to the Sifted document in the LegalSifter software. You may add, delete, copy, and paste text. To copy and paste text, use the Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, and Ctrl-V shortcuts or use the Copy, Cut, or Paste option from your browser’s menu.

  • When a redlined document is uploaded, you will be able to see those redlines in the Sifted Document (previously the redlines were shown automatically accepted when uploaded).

  • The edits you make in LegalSifter are shown as red text. If your name on your Word account is the same as your LegalSifter account, any tracked changes prior to uploading the document to LegalSifter will also be in red. Changes by other authors on the document before the upload will be shown in other colors (not red).

  • When you export the Sifted document to Word, the redlines you made in the LegalSifter software will have your name as the author. If you want to change how your name appears in the export, your Organization’s Client Admin will be able to update it for you.

  • Internet Explorer and older versions of Edge are not supported for editing. You can still use these browsers for viewing but we encourage using Chrome as your browser.

  • Sifted documents can be edited for 30 days. After 30 days the document will be view-only.

  • The first Sifted document that you open will take longer than usual as the editor will need to download in the background.

  • More features including formatting (bold, indenting, font size, color, etc), adding/deleting comments, inserting suggested provisions, plus much more will follow in future releases. We proudly update LegalSifter weekly and all updates can be found on the Home Page of the LegalSifter software.

 2. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • Hotel: Check-Out Time

  • Hotel: Deposit

  • Hotel: Food and Beverage Minimum

  • Hotel: Notice of Construction

  • Indemnification: Nonparty Claims

 3. 28 Sifters were improved via Sifter Trainer and Sifter Factory

Do you have a great idea for a new feature? Email us at help@legalsifter.com.

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