1. Sifter added to LegalSifter:

  • Warranty: No Warranties or No Other Warranties

 2. Sifters renamed in LegalSifter:

  • Training renamed to Training: Obligation to Provide

  • Notification of Indemnification Claim renamed to Indemnification: Notice of Claim

 3. Sifter Settings Admin users can now create Document Types using LegalSifter’s library of Templates.

  • When adding a new Document Type, select From Template

  • Then, pick the Template from the list and select Create

  • A Document Type will then be created with that name in state Inactive.

 4. When Sifter Settings Admin adds a new Sifter to a Document Type, help text and settings from the Document Type’s Template will be used, if available.

  • The Sifter will be added as Off but have Help Text/When Missing/When Found from the Template

  • The Sifter will be blank if the Document Type has Template “Custom” OR if the selected Template does not include that Sifter as On or Off

  • The Document Type’s Template can be seen on the Sifter Settings screen

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