1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • GDPR: Compliance with Law

  • GDPR: Named Subprocessors

  • GDPR: Processor Is Liable for Actions of Subprocessors

  • GDPR: Purpose of Processing

  • GDPR: Same Obligations Imposed on Subprocessors

  • GDPR: Subprocessing Authorized or Prohibited

 2. Sifters renamed in LegalSifter:

  • Confidential Information Disclosures Compelled by Proceeding, Investigation, Regulation or Law renamed to Confidential Information: Disclosure Required by Law

  • Confidential Information Standard of Care renamed to Confidential Information: Standard of Care

  • Definition of Confidential Information renamed to Confidential Information: Definition

  • Definition of Data Protection Law renamed to Data Protection Law: Definition

  • Definition of Disabled-Owned Business renamed to Disabled-Owned Business: Definition

  • Definition of Hazardous Materials renamed to Hazardous Materials: Definition

  • Definition of Minority-Owned Business renamed to Minority-Owned Business: Definition

  • Definition of Territory renamed to Territory: DefinitionDefinition of Woman-Owned Business renamed to Woman-Owned Business: Definition

  • Inform Employees & Representatives renamed to Confidential Information: Disclosing to Representatives

  • No Rights to Confidential Information renamed to Confidential Information: Recipient Acquires No Interest

  • No Statement as to Accuracy of Confidential Information renamed to Confidential Information: No Statement Regarding Accuracy

  • Use Confidential Information in Connection with Agreement Purpose renamed to Confidential Information: Use Only for Stated Purpose

  • Intellectual Property: No Transfer renamed to Intellectual Property: Ownership and No Transfer

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