1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • Description of ServicesGDPR: Categories of Data Subjects

  • GDPR: Processing In Accordance with Controller Instructions

  • GDPR: Processor Persons Under Confidentiality Obligation

  • Software: Transmitting Viruses

 2. New Password Complexity Requirements:

  • LegalSifter passwords must now be 15 characters with at least: one lower letter, one upper letter, one number, and one special character.

  • LegalSifter now checks to ensure that the password is not one of the last 12 used.

 3. Forgot Password Changes:

  • Forgot Password (Login page) and Reset Password (Admin page) options now generate an email to the user with a link to reset their password.

  • The link expires in 48 hours.

  • If no action is taken, the password is not changed.

 4. New User Setup:

  • When Client Admin or LegalSifter Technical Support sets up a new user, the user will receive a Getting Started email as today. The email will now contain a link for the User to set their password, rather than the password itself -- That link expires in 7 days.

  • Client Admin can see if a user has set their password, as the User will move from Pending to Active.  If the User does not get the email for some reason or the link is expired, the Client Admin can resend the email.  LegalSifter Technical Support can also resend the email at client request.

 5. Sifters renamed in LegalSifter:

  • Co-tenancy renamed to Cotenancy

  • End User License: Allow Reproduction and Use renamed to Software: Allow Reproduction and Use

  • End User Restriction: Intended Use renamed to Software: Intended Use

  • End User Restriction: Modification renamed to Software: Modification

  • End User Restriction: Proprietary Notices renamed to Software: Proprietary Notices

  • End User Restriction: Service Bureau or Timesharing renamed to Software: Service Bureau or Timesharing

  • End User Restriction: Third Party Use renamed to Software: Third Party Use

  • End User Restriction: Transfer renamed to Software: Transfer

  • Retention or Destruction of Confidential Information renamed to Confidential Information: Return, Destroy, or Retain

  • Warranty: Conflict Minerals Compliance renamed to Conflict Minerals Compliance

  • Warranty: No Viruses renamed to No Viruses

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