1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • End User Restriction: Modification

  • Failure to Pay

  • Leases: Real Estate Taxes

  • No All Endeavours

  • No Violation of Other Contract

  • Termination Payment

  • Third-Party Beneficiaries

 2. Sifters renamed in LegalSifter:

  • Amendments in Writing renamed to Amendments in Writing or Variation

  • Anti-bribery, Anti-Corruption renamed to Anti-bribery and Corruption

  • Assignment renamed to Assignment or Transfer

  • Consequential Damages renamed to Consequential Damages or Loss

  • Entire Agreement renamed to Entire Agreement or Integration

  • Indemnification renamed to Indemnification or Indemnity

  • No Commercially Efforts renamed to No Commercially Reasonable Efforts

  • No Commercially Endeavours renamed to No Commercially Reasonable Endeavours

  • Non-Compete: Business / Customers renamed to Non-Compete and No Soliciting Customers

  • Termination for Convenience, Any Reason renamed to Termination for Convenience or For Any Reason

  • Transferring Personal Data Outside of the EEA renamed to GDPR: Transferring Data outside of the EEA

  • Warehouseman’s Lien renamed to Warehouse Lien

 3. User accounts now lock after 5 consecutive failed login attempts.

  • If a User attempts to log in 5 times in a row with an incorrect password, their account is locked. This feature increases application security.

  • Client Admin can unlock locked accounts from the Admin screen

 4. Forgot Password Link now available on Login page:

  • Users can now request a password reset via a link on the Login screen.

  • If the User has a valid LegalSifter email address, they will get an email with their new password.

 5. LegalSifter Sifter Admin access to Organizations now available:

  • The LegalSifter Client Experience team works with Clients to configure their Document Types and Sifter Settings.

  • Organizations’ Client Admin will have the option to Allow LegalSifter Sifter Admin

  • If an Organization has Allow LegalSifter Sifter Admin set to Yes, then users with role "LegalSifter Sifter Settings Admin" can access their organization. All their activity is logged under their User ID.

 6. Combined Intelligence Partner (CIP) users can now access Client Organizations.

  • To enable the prevention of conflicts, CIP Users are individually assigned to Client Organizations.

  • When a CIP User is associated with more than one Organization (the CIP Organization plus one or more Client Organizations), then they will get the option to Switch Organization in the header.

  • They can then select the Organization they want to view from the popup.

  • On each browser tab, CIP Users can see which Organization they are in in the header (via the logo) and footer (which displays the Organization name). CIP Users can have multiple tabs open for the different Organizations that they have access to.

  • If you are a CIP User and need access added to or removed from a Client Organization, email help@legalsifter.com with the name of the User and the name of the Organization to which you want to assign/unassign the User. One email can contain multiple changes.

More information about LegalSifter’s Combined Intelligence Partners can be found here: https://www.legalsifter.com/partner

Do you have a great idea for a new feature? Email us at help@legalsifter.com.

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