We have a compiled a list of the specialized vocabulary used within our product and Help pages to quickly introduce you to our product.

Sifter: Software trained to read text and look for a specific concept. They learn from experience and improve over time with crowdsourced feedback.

Help Text: Text that appears when a Sifter finds or does not find its concept language in a Document.
Customers use Help Text as:

  1. General negotiation guidance = "Accept" or "Reject"

  2. Standard clause language they like

  3. Common arguments used to convince the other Party of your point of view

  4. Links to external help documents

Sifter Library: Online reference tool for our Sifters (read guide).

  1. List of all available Sifters

  2. Sifter specifications

  3. Examples of concepts identified by the Sifter

Sifter Settings: Administrative controls that direct the behavior of Sifters and Help Text.

Document: A PDF, DOCX, or DOC file sifted in LegalSifter (the product).

Document Type: A category of document such as an End User License Agreement, Consulting Agreement, Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, Unilateral NDA – Recipient, Unilateral NDA – Discloser, General Terms & Conditions, etc. A document type will include the necessary Sifters for its purpose.

Document Template: A pre-determined bundle of Sifters, Help Text and Sifter Settings targeted for a specific Document Type. This may be one created by LegalSifter or an individual organization.

LegalSifter Template: A LegalSifter pre-determined bundle of Sifters, Help Text and Sifter Settings, targeted for a specific Document Type.

Team Files: Internal customer reference documents.

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