1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • BAA - BA Complies with Requirements Applicable to CE’s Obligations

  • BAA - Disclose PHI as Specified to Satisfy CE Obligations

  • BAA - Not Use or Disclose Other Than Permitted By Contract or Required by LawBAA - Report Unauthorized Disclosure

  • Insurance - General Liability

 2. Ignore when Found is now supported.

  • Users can now set Sifters to “Ignore When Found” via the current upload process. When a sifter has this set, no text will be highlighted nor comment inserted when NLP finds language for that Sifter.

  • Users will be able to edit this setting in the Edit Doc Type UI in a future release.

  3. On/Off switch for Sifters now supported

  • “Off” Sifters are on the doc type but are not sent to NLP for sifting. 

  • This feature will support allowing users to edit help text / sifter settings while not having a Sifter available to end users.

 4. Edit Doc Type - read only mode and backend changes

  • The new Edit Doc Type screen is live! Currently, users can only view it, but in the next few releases, we will be rolling out the ability to edit all the values on the screen.

  • All the fields on the screen are stored in the database and can be edited through updated templates.

 5. Sifter Settings is accessible only to users with Admin role.

 6. Sifter Settings export:

  • User can export Sifter Settings for all document types into an excel workbook, via link on the sifter settings screen

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