If you believe that a Sifter has missed a concept or inaccurately flagged a concept please submit your feedback via our Sifter Trainer through the following steps:

Navigate to the Sifted Document:

Click on the “Sifter Trainer” button in the header on the right side of the screen.

A new tab with the Sifter Trainer open. 

  • Fill out the appropriate information on this tab. 
  • You will need to refer back to the Sifted Documents tab to obtain some information.
  • Go back to the Sifted Documents tab to copy the URL.
  • Copy the exact language that you think the Sifter missed or inaccurately found in the text of the Sifted Document.

📝Copy and paste the literal sentence text into the field that says: “Please include the entire text of the sentence…”.

Good Example:

Sifter name: Term
Please include the entire text of the sentence:
Confidential Information is subject to this Agreement for a period of five (5) years from the initial date of disclosure, except for trade secret information which remains subject to this Agreement so long as such information remains a trade secret. 

Wrong Example:

Sifter name: Confidential Information Definition Exceptions
Please include the entire text of the sentence:
Exceptions were wrongly identified. (user typed in own answer)

After Submission:

LegalSifter’s team of Lawyers and Data Scientists will review your form within one week.

  • If the Sifter made a mistake we will update that Sifter, and it will never make that mistake again!

Do you have an error you've discovered for Sifter Trainer? Please help us to enhance your user experience here.

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