From the Admin tab, users assigned the role of Client Admin may view and edit Organization settings, Files, and Users.

After logging in to your account, click the Admin tab to access all these options:

Download All Sifts Report

Admins can download an EXCEL report of all Sifts across the Organization in the All Sifts Report.

  • Simply select the All Sifts Report button in the top right corner to download this file.

Admins may customize their LegalSifter account by uploading an new Logo for the organization. It will replace the default DEMO logo provided.

  • You may upload .jpeg, .gif, .png, .svg image types.

View and Edit Organization Settings

Admins may view information about their LegalSifter subscription on the top right under Organization Settings:
*Only some of these settings can be changed using the Edit button on the top right.

Allow LegalSifter Sifter Admin*:
Allow LegalSifter's Client Experience team access to view and edit Sifter Settings. They will not be able to access any documents sifted. 

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication*:
MFA is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user's identity for a login or other transaction. For LegalSifter, the two categories are knowledge of your password and possession of your cell phone. If enabled, all users in the Organization will be required to log in using MFA. 

User Limit:
If the Organization contract is Per User, this will show the number of Active Users allowed. 

Professional or Essentials.

Subscription Status:
The type of subscription (Trial, Paid, etc) that the Organization has.

Expiry Date:
Expiration date of Trial or Paid contract.

View and Edit Files:

Files allows administrators to easily share files with users across your organization. 

  • You may add and download files here. To add a file, select the Add File button located at the right.

  • Once you upload a file here, it is accessible for download using the Team Files drop-down on the Home Page for all users across your organization.

📝If your Organization does not have any Files, the drop down will not appear on the Home Page.


Add and Edit Users

From the Admin page, you may manage and add users to your organization.

  • Click the Add User button to the right to bring up this form. Fill out the information for the user you are adding, assign a role, and mark Active status.  You can assign a new user one or more roles of: Client Sifter Settings Admin, Client Admin, User.

  • Once you add the user, an automatic email is sent out to invite the user, and you may choose to Edit this user's role, status, and information, etc. after the user joins.

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