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Our Sifters are software trained to read text and look for a specific concept by searching through a document. Learn to use our Sifter Library to quickly find the Sifter you want.

To look for our full list of available Sifters, access our Sifter Library below:

Using our Sifter Library:

Scroll through the first couple of pages in the Sifter Library to view the list of available Sifters. Click on the Sifter you would like to learn more about:

You will be brought to a description page specific to this Sifter:

  • At the top will be the product names like LegalSifter that this Sifter applies to

  •  Sifter searches for explains what the Sifter is identifying in a document.

  • Sifters sometimes have Patterns, and with one will come a detailed description.

  • Examples show sample text that would apply to this Sifter.

You may also download an EXCEL file of all Sifters short descriptions:

Our Sifters learn from experience and improve their accuracy over time. To help us improve our Sifters and optimize your user experience, access our Sifter Trainer and submit any problems you have with any of our Sifters. 

See how to use Sifter Trainer:
Sifter Trainer

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