If you've opened the Sifted Document, and the Editor is not responsive to your edits, follow these steps to resolve this issue:

 1. Are you using a compatible browser?

We can easily check to see if you are using a supported browser.

Check what browser and browser version you are currently on:

  • If your browser is already open, you can easily find the About [Browser Name] option in the top navigation bar of the browser to see the name and version of your browser.

 See if your browser and browser version is supported by LegalSifter here.

📝If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you will be presented with a View-Only mode for Sifted documents.

 2. If you are not using a supported browser:

  • Either upgrade your browser to a supported version or switch to using a different browser to open and edit the Sifted Document.

 3. If you ARE using a supported browser:

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