1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Independent Contractor
  • Most Favored Pricing
  • Order Acceptance
  • Source Code Escrow Required
  • Survival
  • Will Not Register for IP Rights in Works or Inventions

 2. New Help menu added to the header:

  • Replaces the help and contact links in header and footer with one menu containing all options.
  • As part of the redesign, a link to the Sifter Trainer was added to the menu.

 3. Login page reseller branding:

  • The login branded experience includes replacing LegalSifter purple with the resellers primary color and replacing the clickable LegalSifter logo in the login box with a clickable reseller logo.

 4. When user who is associated with a reseller organization logs in, they see the site with reseller branding

  • LegalSifter purple is replaced with the reseller’s primary color through the site
  • Header LegalSifter Logo is replaced with Reseller logo

 5. For resellers with contact information, a section is added to the Help menu in the header.

 6. Footer “About LegalSifter” link replaced with “About <Reseller Name> & LegalSifter” link.

  • The new link goes to their partner page on the LegalSifter website.

Do you have a great idea for a new feature? Email us at help@legalsifter.com.

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