2018.13 | 21-Mar-2018
Sifter lists for Document Types are getting long! New Search box implemented.
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 1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • Delivery Location for Receipt of Goods

  • End User License - Allow Reproduction and Use

  • Late Payments

  • Non-Circumvention

  • Responsibility for Travel Expenses

  • Termination Assistance

  • Time is of the Essence

  • Valid and Properly Executed Agreement

  • Waiver of Jury Trial

 2. To help Admins navigate, there is now a search box in the header of the Sifters list. Start typing in the sifter you are looking for and a list of suggestions will appear. Click on the Sifter you are looking for and the page will navigate to that Sifter.

 2. To help navigate the number of Sifters, we also added a new feature. When an Admin adds new Sifter(s) through the pop up menu and presses Save, the app navigates them to the first added Sifter.

 3. When a user tries to remove or turn off the last Sifter on a document, they are given an error and are unable to do so. This prevents users from Sifting with document types that have no On Sifters.

Do you have a great idea for a new feature? Email us at help@legalsifter.com.

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