1. Font in document is now updated:

  • New font is more readable and matches LegalSifter’s website.

 2. Loading Screen for Sifted Doc:

  • A nice loading screen comes up while Sifted Doc screen is loading (before, it was a plain white page).

 3. Improvements:

  • Documents page defaults to sorting by Sifted date with most recent at top (rather than alphabetical by name).

  • Put a couple fixes in place to prevent the downtime issues we had on 8/14/17 that were a result of queue renaming.

  • Locked down security for monitoring dashboard.

 4. Sifting Status:

  • When document is first loaded, it will now say “Uploading”.

  • There were issues where documents appeared to go away and come back while Sifting. These have been resolved.

Do you have a great idea for a new feature? Email us at help@legalsifter.com.

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