1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • Employee Background Checks

  • Warranty - No Pending Claims / Litigation that Have a Material Adverse Impact

 2. Sifters renamed in LegalSifter:

  • Consequential Damages renamed to Consequential Damages Waiver

  • Representatives Definition Includes "Party's Affiliates" renamed to Representatives Definition Includes "Affiliates"

  • Required or Requested Disclosures renamed to Notification of Compelled Disclosures

  • Representatives Definition Includes "Respective Directors" renamed to Representatives Definition Includes “Directors”

  • Entire Agreement / Integration renamed to Entire Agreement / Integration Clause

 3. Document Type name displays on the Sifted Document page:

  • Located below the Document name

 4. If a document has no non-dismissed Missing or General Advice, we do not display the header panel.

 5. Sifter library link has been added to the Sifter Summary section of the sifted doc page.

 6. Fixes:

  • If a text box contains text and image(s), the image(s) was not being retained when the text was stripped out. This has been resolved.

  • The space before the highlighted word in the Sifted Doc export was being removed. This has been fixed.

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