When you are having trouble logging into your account because of a forgotten password, there's no need to fret! First, try again and determine what the issue is:

Email Is Incorrect?

The email address must match the exact one you have registered. Make sure there are no typos in the email. If you are unsure what email address your account is linked to, email help@legalsifter.com or contact your Client Administrator.

Current Password Is Incorrect?

When typing in your password, click the eye icon to make sure your input is accurate. There's a chance that you may have been inputting the correct password all along but with the CAPS lock on or 1 too many characters.

If you are still unable to login after two attempts, try the following instructions:

Forgot Your Password?

 1. Navigate to the Login screen and click on the Forgot password? link on the bottom.

 2. Type in your email address associated with your LegalSifter login. You will receive an email with a link from LegalSifter Help to reset your password. 

3. Click on the link from your email to bring you to the Reset Password page, and create your new password with the listed requirements. (The link will expire in 48 hours)

Password Requirements

For your account security, we have the following requirements set in place that make your password more complex and more difficult to predict.

Your password must contain:

  • 15 characters minimum

  • 1 lowercase character

  • 1 uppercase character

  • 1 number

  • 1 special character  (~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = , . / \ { } [ ] ; : < > ? " ')

Note: Although randomness will make your password harder to guess, it also makes it easier to forget yourself. Use phrases that you will remember when designing your password!

Security Features

To ensure that your account remains safe, LegalSifter has security features that prevent "brute force" attacks.

  • If you have entered an incorrect password 3 times in a row, you will see a checkbox to confirm that you are a human.

  • If you have entered an incorrect password 5 times in a row, your account is locked. Email help@legalsifter.com or reach out to your Client Administrator to have the account unlocked.

  • Bad login attempts do not give descriptive messages. This is for your privacy (so others cannot determine if your email has an account) and for additional security. If you are experiencing repeated issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to help@legalsifter.com to ensure your account is still active.

Lastly, if you are still having trouble after attempting these steps, please contact help@legalsifter.com with details, and we would be glad to help you!


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