ContractSifter has 3 new features that enable users and project managers to be able to better track their work: Conditional Coloring, Unsaved Changes check, and Document Change Log.

Conditional Coloring

When you are editing in ribbon values, cell outlines will now update to reflect changes.

No outline = Value was in the ribbon when you open the tab
Red outline = Value has been updated but not saved to to the database.
Green outline = Value has been updated and is saved to to the database.

You can use this feature to be confident that changes you made are saving to the database before you close a document tab in ContractSifter.

If you are tabbing out of cells and the values are staying red, you are most likely having connectivity issues. Leave the tab open until you can confirm that you have internet connection. At that point, click back in the red cells and make a small edit (such as adding and removing a space from the end); the changes will then saved.

"Unsaved Changes" Check

When you are closing a document tab, ContractSifter will now check to see if there is any unsaved data (red outlines) in the tab. If there are, you will get a warning before you close the tab.

When you see that warning, you should select Cancel and then check the tab for red cells. Click back in the red cells and make a small edit (such as adding and removing a space from the end). The changes will then saved and you can  close the tab with no warning.

Document Change Log

If multiple people are working in the same ContractSifter project, there is also a chance that users can overwrite the work of others. A Project Manager may want to see who and when a field was updated. Both of those questions can be answered by the new ContractSifter Document Change Log.

The last column on the home screen (you may need to scroll to see it) has a link to download a change log for the document. This will show you which user updated which field to which value, with a timestamp for the change.

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