Document Sharing FAQs

Below you can find some of the frequently asked questions in relation to our document sharing feature.

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Are shared Sifted Documents accessible from my LegalSifter Review home page?

Shared Sifted Documents are not currently accessible on a user’s LegalSifter Review home page in the list of recently Sifted Documents. This may change in the future.

Are my changes saved when I close a Sifted Document?

Yes. When you close your Sifted Document (i.e. when you end your editing session) all changes made will be saved. Any people that you share that Sifted Document with will be able to see those changes. We recommend sharing a Sifted Document after you are done making your changes and are ready to end your session.

Do I have to edit a Sifted Document before sharing it?

No. You can share a document as soon as you are done Sifting it.

When is the best time to share a Sifted Document?

If you are going to edit your Sifted Document, we recommend sharing after you are done reviewing and editing your document.

Can two users edit the same Sifted Document at the same time?

Only one user is permitted to have an active editing session in a Sifted Document at any given time. In the event that two users with edit permission try to edit the same Sifted Document at the same time, the user that starts their editing session later will receive an error message and will have view only access until the other user finishes their editing session.

Can multiple users open the same Sifted Document at the same time.

Yes, but only one user will be able to edit that Document. The rest of the users will be restricted to view only sessions (even if one or more of those users has Editor permission).

Who do I contact if I need help?

Use the chat feature in the LegalSifter application if you need support using this feature or email

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