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Delete, restore, and trash your Sifted Document.

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From the Documents page, you can easily manage your documents with our Delete option.

Open the Documents page:

  1. Select the document you wish to delete using the checkbox.

  2. Select TRASH in the drop-down menu on the right or the button above the list.

📞When you delete a document from your trash, a copy is retained for backup purposes. We can completely excise documents from all servers and backups if requested. Contact for a request.

Restore or Permanently Delete a document:

  1. Open the Trash folder

  2. Select the document you wish to restore from Trash or permanently delete

  3. Click RESTORE or DELETE in the drop-down on the right or the button above the list.

📝Documents are not automatically deleted from the Trash folder.

Documents that are deleted from Trash are permanently excised from the Victor Contract Sifter application. All that remains of the document is the file name, which is used for historical reporting.

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