User Collaboration through Document Sharing

This article will help Users explore how they can collaborate through the Document Sharing feature in LegalSifter Review.

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The Share feature in LegalSifter Review allows a User to share a document they sifted with another User. This feature allows multiple users to collaborate in reviewing and/or editing a document. LegalSifter Review provides an efficient and safe workspace for document review collaboration.

Viewing Other Users' Edits After Sharing

When a document is shared in LegalSifter Review, the User with whom the document is shared can be granted Viewer or Editor permission. Subject to this permission, Users can each view and edit the shared sifted document.

To View another User’s Edits of a shared document:

1. Click on the Shared Folder in the left pane under the Documents tab.

2. Click the “OPEN” button related to the shared document.

*Note: Each file in the shared list will provide details about the shared document.

3. Review the changes in the right margin of the sifted document.

LegalSifter Review provides Users with important information about each edit made to a sifted document.

Each change in a sifted document includes:

  • Author’s name so the User can identify which User made the edit;

  • A counter that indicates when the edit was made to help track a timeline of changes made;

  • A description of what type of edit was made, and

  • Color coding so a User can quickly identify each User’s edits. Each User reviewing a shared document has unique colors assigned to their changes.

Sharing with Organization Users Only

A User can only share a sifted document with Users from their organization who have a LegalSifter Review license.

Tracking When Edits Were Made

Each change made to a sifted document in LegalSifter Review will indicate in the edit box the number of days since the edit was made. Please note that at this time, the User who shared the sifted document will not be notified when a change is made by another User.

Edit Mode vs. View Only Mode

When a User shares a document, they can set the other User’s permission.

  • Editor – User has full function to edit the shared document and add comments.

  • Viewer – User can access the sifted document but can only view the sifted document and its tracked changes and comments.

Edit Mode

Any User with Editor permission will have the capability to edit, make comments, reply to comments, and accept or reject tracked changes previously made to the shared sifted document.

View Only Mode

A User will find that it is in View Only mode when it opens a shared sifted document in either of the following circumstances.

  • Set by Share Document Permission

    A User with Viewer permission will be in View Only mode when they access the sifted document.

  • When Another User is Editing

    Users sharing a sifted document cannot make edits concurrently in LegalSifter Review. When a User opens a shared document while another User is currently editing, the software will restrict concurrent editing by placing that User in View Only mode.

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