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Victor Contract Sifter Login and Home Page
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Welcome to Victor Contract Sifter! Use this guide to log in for the first time.

Starting from the homepage, you can access the Login page through the Login button at the top right.

🔖Tip: Access this Login with the button below + Bookmark for future use!

This should bring you to the Login where you enter your email and password details:

Navigating the Home Page:

Once you log in to the Home page, you will see 2 main sections. On the left will be your most recently sifted documents that you may open from this page by clicking.

On your right will be a scrolling list of Announcements with updates organized by the most recent dates.

You may sift a document from Home directly by clicking the SIFT DOCUMENT button.

Contacting us:

If you need to contact us about Victor Contract Sifter, you can do so with the menu shortcuts on the Home page.

In the top right corner of the menu, select the❓to access shortcuts to the Help Center, as well as contact information for Technical Support and Substantive assistance.

You're done! Now that you are set up, you may move on to sifting your very first document.

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