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Navigating Victor Contract Sifter
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1. Use the following URL to access Victor Contract Sifter: Click “Sift document” to begin the Sifting process.

2. Select the ”document type” and click “continue” to begin Sifting. You’ll be prompted to select the contract you want the tool to review. Select the contract from your PC and the Sifting process will automatically start.

3. This progress notation will be displayed as the contract is being reviewed.

4. The “Documents” tab is where your Sifted contracts will be stored.

Once the contract has been Sifted, you can now open the document to review any issues/concepts found or missing

5. Clean up the Sifted contract by unselecting the "Found" and "Missing" boxes.

6. Reviewing "found guidance and view Victor guidance by clicking the drop-down menu.

7. View built-in guidance from Victor for each of the found items.

8. Dismiss found sifters by clicking the checkmark to resolve.

9. Highlight, copy, and paste sample language into the contract. **Please note: you must use keyboard shortcuts.

10. The pasted language will appear in red in the body of the document, and the change will be recorded in the margin.

11. Navigate to specific sifters using the Sifter Summary tool.

12. Share documents to other registered users in your Contract Sifter account.

13. If you want to export the Sifted and edited contract, click “export” to save and store the document on your PC.

14. View and manage your documents from the Documents tab.

15. Organize your documents using folders.

16. Contact us for help!

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