As an admin, Sifter Settings provides some of the most important functionalities like creating, editing, using document types specific to your needs.

Questions to consider for your organization:

  1. Which document types should be accessible for users?

  2. Which Sifters should be selected for each document type?

  3. How should each Sifter respond when a concept is found or missing?

All of these considerations will determine the way you utilize Sifter Settings for your organization.

What the Terms Mean:

Read over these terms as they have different meanings under Found or Missing settings.

Found Settings

Ignore: Use this setting for boilerplate that's important but never negotiated.
          Ex. Amendments in Writing
Display: For concepts that you negotiate at times.
          Ex. Arbitration, Definition of Confidential Information
Flag: For concepts that you tend to negotiate AND emphasize.
          Ex. Indemnification

Missing Settings

Ignore: For concepts that you do not want to insert if missing.
          Ex. Auto-Renewal, Residuals Clause
Display: For concepts that you want to give help on if missing without emphasizing relative to other concepts.
Warn: For concepts that MUST be inserted if missing.
          Ex. Employee Background Checks

You can also watch this video tutorial below to follow along:

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