As an administrator, you may make changes that affect the entire team. Through this guide, you will learn how to use Sifter Settings to:

  • Turn on/off Sifters in Doc Types

  • Add/remove Sifters to Doc Types

  • Edit Help Text for Sifters

  • Edit General Advice to Doc Types

  • Export Changes to Excel

  • Edit Description of Sifters

After logging into your account, navigate to the Sifter Settings page:

  • Select the Document Type you would like to edit from the left panel.

  • Enable editing by using the EDIT switch in the top right.

  • Document Type Description is not visible to all users and is often used for administrator notes, contact info, or relevant information that is useful to you.

  • General Advice is visible to all team members and can be used as a description for this document type.

Adding and Removing Sifters:

  • Click on + Add Sifters above the list of Sifters.

On the left is a list of available Sifters you may add but are not already in this Doc Type. Click on any from this list to add them to your Doc Type.
On the right is a list of current Sifters already in this Doc Type. Selecting any from this list will remove them from your Doc Type.

Editing Text and Sifters:

The Description, General Advice and Sifters fields are all available for editing.

  • In general, double click onto the field you would like to edit. Type in your edits and make sure to select Save before exiting. 

Actions with Sifters:

  • Enable the Sifter by turning the switch to ON on the left side. If this switch is not turned to ON, you may still edit this Sifter, but it will not be active when sifting with this Doc Type.

  • Double click onto the Sifter you would like to edit the Help Text and select Save when you're done.

  • To control how the Sifter reacts when discovered in a document, select from Ignore, Display, or Flag reactions under the Found settings.

  • To control how the Sifter reacts when it's missing from a document, select from Ignore, Display, or Warn reactions under the Missing settings. 

Active vs Inactive Document Types

  • An Active Document Type can be used for Sifting by all users.  

  • An Inactive Document Type can only be used by Sifter Settings Admins.  

To switch a Document Type from “Active” to “Inactive” state (or vice versa), turn the EDIT button on and click to make your selection.  

📝A document type that you create will start with an Inactive state. Once you are done making your edits and are ready to use this document type for sifting, make sure to change the document type to Active. 

More on Sifters:

Click on Sifter Library from this page to browse our complete collection of available Sifters.
You may also use the Search option on this page to search for a specific Sifter used in this Doc type.

📝After you make any edits, the top of the page will show the time of the most recent update. To keep records on all changes made to the Doc Type, click the Change Log button to the top right of the page to download an EXCEL file with this information.

Below is our video tutorial for this guide, and feel free to watch it instead:

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