1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • Data Security - Program Policy and Procedures

  • End User Restriction - Third Party Use

  • Outage / Unplanned Maintenance Notice

  • Real Estate Rent Payment Timing

 2. Checkboxes for bulk action are now available next to Sifting and Failed documents. If any non-Sifted documents are selected for bulk action, you will not be able to bulk OPEN or EXPORT.

 3. All Document Types in Sifter Settings now have a unique URL. You can now bookmark your Document Type in your browser and/or share the link.

 4. When more than one span is returned for a single Sifter are within 30 characters, the second one is auto-dismissed.

  • This addresses the situation where two adjacent sentences are flagged for the same Sifter, and the help text is repeated twice in a row.

  • With this feature, the second instance help text is auto-dismissed; it can be viewed and restored via the Sifter Summary.

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