1. Sifters added to LegalSifter:

  • Termination for CauseTermination for Convenience

 2. Order of Sifters in Left Panel are now the same as Help Text.

  • Previously, instances of the same Sifter being found more than one time for a document were grouped together. Now, they are in the same order as in the main document.

 3. Improvements:

  • We had two issues where Help Text was not showing in the Sifter Doc page and/or Export. Both have been resolved and are in this release.

  •  a) Text boxes in the document cause the page and the export to not have the help text. This has only been seen for OCR’d documents, but could happen for docx and doc uploads. We are taking the text out of the text boxes and putting it in the main document body to allow for Help Text/Comment display in LegalSifter and Word.

  •  b) When a document is uploaded with lots of comments that overlap with identified Sifter language, the Help Text was not rendering in the Sifted Doc page. This has been resolved.

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