Workflow Features: Bulk Dismiss and Restore All

Use the bulk dismiss and restore all features to Sift more efficiently

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Bulk Dismiss and Restore All Using the Sifter Summary 

To dismiss all Sifter results in the Sifted Document simultaneously, uncheck the boxes next to Missing, Found and General Advice (if applicable) on the top toolbar or in the Sifter Summary as shown in the screenshots below.  Once these boxes are unchecked there will be no Sifter results or help text in the right-hand side of the Sifted Document and all boxes next to the individual Sifter results will be unchecked on the Sifter Summary.

After bulk dismissing the Sifter results you can bulk restore the Sifter results by rechecking the boxes next to Found, Missing and General Advice.  Or you can restore Found and Missing Sifter results individually by checking the box next to the applicable result. 

Bulk Dismiss and Restore All Using the Top Toolbar

Users can also bulk dismiss or restore all Found and Missing Sifter results from the toolbar at the top of the sifted document.  The checkmarks work exactly like the bulk dismiss and restore all in the Sifter Summary.

When to use bulk dismiss

After you are done reviewing and editing your Sifted Document in the LegalSifter Review application, use the bulk dismiss feature on the formatting toolbar or the Sifter Summary to dismiss all Sifter results.  This will leave you with a clean document to export to Word.  If you want or need to export a few Sifter results to Word after using bulk dismiss to clean up your Sifted Document, check the boxes next to only those necessary results on the Sifter Summary before exporting.  Using this approach will minimize the number of comments you need to refine/delete in Word.

When to use restore all

If you want to have all Sift results restored after using bulk dismiss.  

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