1. Sifters added to LegalSifter and ContractSifter:

  • Information Security: Access Limited to Authorized Users

  • Information Security: Granting Access Based on Need

  • Information Security: Terminating Access

  • Information Security: Use of Single-User IDs

  • Information Security: What to Include When Reporting Security Incidents

2. 43 Sifters were improved via Sifter Trainer and Sifter Factory

3. Sifter Trainer Enhancements

  • The Sifter Trainer allows users to report problems so LegalSifter can retrain and continuously improve our Sifters with crowdsourced feedback.

  • The form now lives fully within the application and has been simplified!

  • It can be opened from either of two locations: from the Train Sifter button in the header, or from a Missing or Found result within the Sifter Summary.

  • The form will automatically populate the Sifter and Problem values when opened from the Sifter Summary and will also automatically populate the sentence for Found Sifter results.

  • If you submit a problem, you will be able to see a report of your submissions and their statuses from a link in the User menu.

4. Sifter Description from the Sifted Document page

  • We have added a Sifter Description modal that contains information about the concepts that the Sifter searches for.

  • It can be launched from a Missing or Found result within the Sifter Summary.

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