Our Sifters continuously improve with crowdsourced feedback from our clients. If you would like us to build a Sifter and add it to our Sifter Library, please complete the Sifter Ideas form.

To submit a new Sifter Idea, simply fill out the form at https://www.legalsifter.com/sifter-ideas.

Users can also navigate to this form directly from the LegalSifter site.

Start by clicking the “?” icon in the top right corner of the screen, as photographed above. This icon will be in the top right corner no matter what page you are on in LegalSifter.

Select “Sifter Ideas” from the drop down menu, as photographed above.

The Sifter Ideas form will open in a new browser tab.

Fill out the form photographed above. The first four boxes are personal information. This information is necessary so our team can communicate our progress. Next, describe the concept that you would like to have a Sifter find. Finally, describe why this concept is important to your organization when sifting documents. Once complete, click “Submit Sifter Idea.”

We will get back to you within 5-10 days with a decision on whether we will add your Sifter to our Sifter Roadmap.

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